Essential Core Exercises

Essential Core Exercises

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For those that have been training with me, you know how much value I put in basic core exercises. These exercises may look simple, but are highly essential for strengthening the core and aid in improving your overall core stability. Please remember to always consult your physician before performing any exercise. 

Also check out some basic yoga routines you can easily follow at home

Catch the mouse (basic core activation)

  1. You can start with the basic core activation
  2. After you feel confident with the first exercise, move on to the more difficult one and add the march / leg lift

Bird Dog

  1. You can start with the basic version and lift only one extremity at the time (e.g. only arm, or only leg)
  2. Once you feel confident with the basic, version, you can move on and do the full bird dog with lifting opposite arm and leg. 


Shoulder Touches

  1. Start this exercise from your knees instead of your toes to make it easier and more effective.
  2. Once you feel confident, move onto your toes and perform the exercise as in the video.