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Banana, Honey and Blueberry Smoothie
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Here’s to my fellow foodies, health freaks and bloggers who love easy quick simple yummy recipes. I am a big fan of healthy and nutritious smoothies and have them nearly daily in summer. Here is a very nutritious and tasty recipe for Banana, Honey and Blueberry Smoothie. Ingredients: 1 banana … Read More

Kettlebell 101: The Fundamentals
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Kettlebell fundamentals Before you start any kettlebell training, it’s important to know the basics. Here are four fundamental moves to learn if you want to explore kettlebell exercises: The Hip-Hinge The hip-hinge is a great way to warmup for any kettlebell exercise. It is used in most movements, which is … Read More

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Yoga Today
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You’ve heard about the benefits of yoga over and over, and year and year after, you promise yourself you will start it this time around. Sometimes you cross someone doing yoga in the park or see photos of people looking super fresh in the middle of a stretch, and you … Read More

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