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Banana, Honey and Blueberry Smoothie
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If you like you start your morning with a nutritious breakfast you will enjoy the below recipe. Kickstart your day and fuel your body with the best nutrients and feel good about feeding your body the stuff it needs. For winter winter I am more a soup fan: read my yummy … Read More

Green Pancake Recipe
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There are so many healthy breakfast recipe variations and you can endlessly experiment. So here is today’s experiment, my Green Pancake Recipe. With only 68 calories per serve, 4% dietary fibre and 6% protein, it’s a definite winner. This recipe is made with Kale and Spirulina powder but you can easily … Read More

Caroline’s Choc Chip Protein Cakes
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Once in a while you need a treat. This tasty dessert is a finger-licking good cheat meal for those that are on a strict diet plan. For those that enjoy experimenting with protein dishes it’s a definite must try! This is undeniably a “healthy” cake and serves about 2 people … Read More

Chocolate Protein Cookies
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Eating healthy can drive you mad if you don’t do it right. If you are sick of your boring chicken and broccoli meals it may be time to expand your baking skills. This post gives you all the info on how to make your own chocolate protein cookies. Let’s have … Read More

Prisoner Bodyweight Workout
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Prisoner Bodyweight Workout that makes you truly powerful This prisoner bodyweight workout post is especially for all of you out there who have been avoiding working out with the excuse that you don’t have the time to go to the gym, and don’t have the space and the equipment to … Read More

Healthy Lemon Polenta Cup Cakes
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If you like baking yummy cakes but want to make healthier choices, there are many ways you can change the recipe. The below Healthy Lemon Polenta Cup Cakes recipe includes polenta and lemon.Health Benefits of PolentaPolenta is naturally gluten free and is made from cornmeal. Polenta is classified as a … Read More

Healthy Hot Chocolate
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Winter is officially here and the weather has certainly shown us what winter is all about. Cold winds, and excessive amounts of rain have made us rug up. What’s better than getting warm with a cup of hot chocolate? Well if you think it’s “too unhealthy” you have to try … Read More

Ab exercises you can do anywhere
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Bodyweight ab exercises Just think, that love/hate relationship you have with your abs (love to see them/hate to work on them) can be remedied by doing these five straightforward ab exercises that have lasting effects. Plus, the bonus of not having to leave your bedroom means you can get these exercises … Read More

Kettlebell 101: The Fundamentals
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Kettlebell fundamentals Before you start any kettlebell training, it’s important to know the basics. Here are four fundamental moves to learn if you want to explore kettlebell exercises: The Hip-Hinge The hip-hinge is a great way to warmup for any kettlebell exercise. It is used in most movements, which is … Read More

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